Local News

Beth and Bellyful are our winners

Most of us would find the idea of cooking 65 meals a bit frightening but it’s a challenge that Beth Tua’i and her team regularly accept.

Sporting Volunteers Needed

The Sport Otago Volunteer program has been running since October 2012 and involves inducting volunteers and linking them with volunteer opportunities in the sporting arena both within Sport Otago and in the wider community.

Dog Rescue Dunedin

Isn’t it wonderful when a great idea works? When Dr. Jo Pollard and a team of volunteers started Dog Rescue Dunedin over five years ago they hoped to alter the way unwanted dogs were dealt with in the city. 

Welcome to 2015 with Supported Volunteering

It is shaping up to be a busy year as new referrals have been steadily coming in – 11 already and I have been back at work for only 6 weeks! That should keep me on my toes. I look forward to many more over the next weeks and months.

National News

Retired couple find meaning through mentoring children

Mark and Pip Pennington, a retired couple from the Kapiti coast, made waves recently by becoming the first retired couple to take part in a 6-month mentoring program through the Wellington Boys’ & Girls’ Institute (BGI).

How to find time to be a volunteer

We get it. We’re busy, like really busy. It shows in our stats. Statistics NZ recently released data showing that the number of hours contributed by volunteers in non-profit organisations dropped by 42 per cent between 2004 and 2013.

Dave Adams: 7 reasons you should become a volunteer

OPINION: Thinking about volunteering with a charity or community organisation?

Here’s seven unexpected ways you can extend yourself through volunteering – and make a difference to society.

How Volunteers Can Change the World

“To have volunteer organisations within a society is a highly desirable situation. It is not easy though, because a lot of people who have the skills or the motivation to help have families and other commitments of their own.

Latest Roles

Dog Rescue Stall Setup Volunteer

Dog Rescue Dunedin (DRD) is looking for volunteers to pick up stall gear from the storage facility and setup at a specified venue for their fundraising stalls.

Committee Member

The person will have to have computer skills for telecommunication meetings once every 1-2 months. Majority of communication is by emails as a National group.

Packing Hub Volunteer

This job will be helping in the Packing Hub for All Saints’ Fruit and Veggies.

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