The Sport Otago Volunteer program has been running since October 2012 and involves inducting volunteers and linking them with volunteer opportunities in the sporting arena both within Sport Otago and in the wider community.

Having the ability to effectively recruit and induct volunteers provides a valuable service for community groups, schools along with Regional Sports Organisations and Sporting Clubs to access voluntary help.

Volunteers play a significant contribution to the sporting sector so having a system in place to grow and nurture our volunteers is crucial. The Sport Otago Volunteer programme does just that. Giving clear role descriptions and a good induction process helps recruit and retain volunteers.

We have a wide variety of roles available through the year with Sport Otago’s own programs that we deliver like the Stadium to Surf Fun Run and Walk, the Rainbow Runs though out the Otago region, Stride, Ride, and Slide, alongside the health benefit programs like Summer/Winter Walks and Aqua Jogging delivered by the Sport Otago Green Prescription team. Sport Otago also works hard to assist Regional Sports Organisations, Sports Clubs, Schools, and community groups with short and long term volunteer roles. Roles like Coaches, Managers, Treasurers, Secretaries, people with good life experience and handy skills that can help assist a club or sport through its development.

People who are keen to volunteer can register online on the Sport Otago website and are then invited to an initial induction process. The induction involves education about Sport Otago’s philosophy’s and an outline of the programmes we deliver. Upcoming opportunities are discussed, expectations from both parties are set and health and safety procedures and policies, including police checks, are completed. Following the induction, the volunteers are added to the volunteer database.

Event coordinators can also request volunteers by using our website and completing a ‘request a volunteer’ form. This asks for a brief role description outlining the details of the volunteers’ job.

Volunteer opportunities are sent out to those on the database and this is how we link them with each opportunity. Sport Otago currently has a very good database, full of people with great skills, youth and enthusiasm but we would love to hear from a volunteer who has experienced life more, has a wide-ranging skill set, is a keen enthusiastic volunteer who has is still really keen to be involved in a making sport happen in the Otago region but they don’t necessarily need to be sporting mad.

The ideal situation is where the kids are grown and left the coupe, your keen to volunteer but not sure how to go about it or who to approach. Maybe Sport Otago can help. We have plenty of wide ranging roles that need people keen to help out the sporting community and the new ideas and enthusiasm, which many of the volunteers bring, adds value to our programmes.

We look forward to hearing from you.

Jason Wadsworth
Sport Development & Volunteer Advisor |Sport Otago
Phone 03 474 6355 | Fax 03 474 6352 | Cellphone 027 695 8002